No one can teach “the truth”. Truth can only be intuited as it is unveiled by God. There are no adequate words to describe God’s truth. That is why Jesus taught in parables. The truth he was unveiling could only be illustrated through metaphors, the metaphysical which is to say beyond the physical. Truth is beyond the physical and incomprehensible to the physical. Only Spirit can discern Spirit.

I do not claim to teach an absolute spiritual truth. Proclaiming “the truth” would automatically imply that anyone who disagreed with me was wrong. I choose to take the approach of that of a scientist by simply sharing with you the theories and beliefs that have been unveiled within my own consciousness. If they resonate with you, how wonderful! If they do not and you feel you want to discuss your opposition, even more wonderful, for that gives us an opportunity to compare our theories and in doing so allow for a mutual ascension of our collective consciousness.

Principles that Transform Lives
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With love, humility, and a desire to fellowship, I offer my talents, and the lessons of my experiences and insights

The Ministry of the Sacred Winds founded by me, Rev. Charles M. Lee, is a ministry that teaches the principles of the Bible rather than taking it literally. I believe The Bible sets forth the principles for living a successful and fulfilled life. I further believe that too literal of an interpretation overlooks the power that is being illustrated for our use. I am convinced that my mission in life is to make these principles known to everyone. I do this via quest speaking at Sunday services also by providing classes and workshops. Through these avenues I stress the metaphysical interpretation of the scriptures therefore giving them a clearer meaning to everyday life.
The principles in Scriptures have helped me overcome many things in my life, including severe depression. Childhood experiences left me with very little selfesteem. Life to me was very painful, and full of fear. Childhood neglect, and emotional abuse had left me hiding in a shell. I was afraid to participate in my life. Instead I went through the motions of life. Took a career that I thought would win the approval of an emotionally distant mother, instead of going after my dreams. I was eventually able to earn a large salary, get the picket fence in the suburbs, the American dream. But the price was two failed marriages, alienation from my own children, and lots of inner turmoil. It was during this period that I was introduced to Unity. 
The message was so wonderful until I plunged into it. I studied everything I could get my hands on. Took classes. What a relief it was to learn of Love, and be free of guilt and shame. I began to apply the principles that I was learning and my life began to slowly change. The old assumptions I was living by began to crumble. As the belief in my unworthiness declined, it was replaced with strong positive feelings. I changed careers and pursued my passion. Which is singing. Since them I have met and opened for such acts as Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Temptations and The Drifters among many. Spirit has reunited me with my children and we are healing. Today I enjoy my sons and grandchildren, and they are the joy of my life. This was possible because through the teachings of Unity I was able to understand that I create my own experience in this world. When I say, principles that transforms lives, I know where of I speak.
With love, humility, and a desire to fellowship, I offer my talents, and the lessons of my experiences and insights.
It is with a heart, joyful that you are here, that I invite you to come in a browse around. Feel free to look over the services that are offered to see which will best suite your unique community. Welcome!!! Welcome!!