With love, humility, and a desire to fellowship, I offer my talents, and the lessons of my experiences and insights

Sacred Winds Ministries is a ministry that teaches surrender.
Surrender to the wind that is the flow of our lives.
Dare to be you and go where you are directed.
Dare to be you, and you dare to be fulfilled.
The lion and the lamb represent a balance between our gentle peaceful side and our anger or fierce side.
This suggests the possibility of being at peace within ourselves. Deep abiding inner peace.
Part of the mission of this ministry, is to offer the tools to achieve that peace.

About Charles Lee
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Our mission

Charles Lee’s spiritual journey began as a young child, when his grandfather would sit him down on his knee and instill the scriptures into him. This early introduction to the bible not only captured his interest, but left him with a burning desire to learn more. Which ultimately led Charles to study various religious faiths such as, The Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and Pentecostal teachings. This would eventually prompt a brief period in which Charles would decide to disassociate himself from all organized religions and research the Bible on his own. Over the three years that followed, he came to the harrowing realization that what he had been taught was not what he was learning. He Discovered that the various belief systems that he was exposed to, were diluted due to their various dogmas and doctrines. So, he began leading a Bible Study with his family in 1982 and in six months the study group had grown to include some of the neighborhoods most challenged youth. Over the next decade Mr. Lee’s Bible Study would serve as a firm source of encouragement to many of those troubled youths that would have a positive impact on their lives forever. 

In 1995 Charles stumbled across Unity Church of Harrisburg and when asked about his initial thoughts. His response was, “I knew I was home. The teachings were free of judgement and uncovered the immense love of God.” 

Charles Lee felt as though the metaphysical teachings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore were speaking directly to him and embraced it wholeheartedly. Charles has been with Unity ever since. In fact, it was in this spiritual home that his ability to see the “symbolic meanings” of the scriptures was honed. 

From 2007 – 2010 Charles served as Co-Leader of the Unity Church of Reading where he gave Sunday talks, taught classes, and offered spiritual counseling. Charles has also served on the Boards of Unity of Harrisburg, Reading, and is currently serving on the Co-Creation Council of Unity of Palmyra. His uncanny ability to derive meaning from the various images and events written within the Bible, then analogously relate them to the issues that we face in our everyday lives is only one of the many god giving talents that keeps him in high demand as a guest speaker. Let’s not forget to mention that he also performs as an extremely talented and soulful worship singer/vocalist at various Unity Churches and local events. 

Our Mission

Principles that Transform Lives
What is Charles Lee's Ministry?

In His Own Words:

“I am someone who has risen from neglect, abuse, hardships and despair, into the freedom of divine self-expression. What I offer is a way to, not only manage, but to overcome one’s internal suffering. That is what this ministry is about. It is the continuance of my journey into full self-expression. It is me reaching out to those who are experiencing life’s adversities and offering up my experiences to serve as a beacon of light to illuminate the path that leads them out. My offering of essential life tools which are designed to promote spiritual living that is not based solely on dogma or theories are gained from my experiences and extensive studies. A fulfilled life can only be obtained through living a spiritual life. My Life’s Mission is to promote peace and harmony, both individually and collectively by rising to our full potential as expressions of Divine Energy."