Principles that Transform Lives

With love, humility, and a desire to fellowship, I offer my talents, and the lessons of my experiences and insights


“Charles Lee is a dynamic speaker whose positive energy and engaging style guarantee his success in any venue.” -Rev. Julie Vance, Unity of Palmyra

If a talk does not provide valuable insights and solutions, then what good is it?

​My belief is that the scriptures, along with other sacred writings, contain hidden keys to unlock a life filled with joy and abundance. To find those keys one must look beneath the literal and widely orthodox interpretations, thus exposing a hidden blueprint for living a joyous fulfilling life.

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My talks contain probing examination of scriptures using a fresh perspective, to make them more relevant in our present everyday life experiences. During these services, I strive to help the congregation uncover a new found or deepened understanding of scripture to open solutions for those who appear to be in insurmountable situations, inspire and motivate forward action for those who feel stuck, and deliver eye opening experiences to all. 

Featured Talks:

Economic Liberation: 
Demonstrating what we see as an economic hardship may indeed be our open door to freedom. 

The Lord’s Prayer Expanded: 
Looking at the meaning of this universal prayer and providing a more accurate interpretation from the Aramaic.   
Overcoming Major Obstacles In Your Life: 
Diving into the story of David and Goliath and discovering the hidden principles for overcoming what has normally stopped you. Companion talk to the “Be Unstoppable” workshop. 

The Revelation Revealed 
A series of talks focusing on the book of the Revelation, opening the meanings of the puzzling imagery. Learn to understand that The Revelation is describing a transformation of human consciousness and not an apocalyptic end where only a chosen few will survive.