Principles that Transform Lives

With love, humility, and a desire to fellowship, I offer my talents, and the lessons of my experiences and insights

The demands of ministry can leave a drained minister if not careful. As a minister, you may need to take a day off to fill your cup so that you may continue to fill the cups of your congregation. Whether it is a special event, illness, or a spiritual health day that leads to requiring a substitute, Charles Lee will fill in where needed. Able to cover the talk as well as the music so you can be confident all is well while you are away.

The order of service and your topic, if you have one planned, is all that is needed when scheduling. If needed, Charles has the music and guide vocals for many songs that can be sung by the congregation during the service.

“Unity of Lehigh Valley has been blessed to have Charles Lee as a guest speaker and musician.  Charles brings not only a wonderful voice but you also get his boundless energy and amazing heart.  Clearly grounded in his spirituality, he conveys a message of love and acceptance perfectly blended with real life experience.  Not only does it have a beat and you can dance to it—you will find yourself inspired by his music and message to be the best you can be.”
                                                                                                                                  -Rev. Joy Wyler – Unity of Lehigh Valley.

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“I stress the metaphysical interpretation of the scriptures therefore giving them a clearer meaning to everyday life.” - Rev. Charles M. Lee