“Music is my life. It is the universe in which my soul traverses. When I sing, I can sense my oneness with all of creation. My soul is in harmony with the Divine symphony that we call existence. “ – Charles Lee

“Both a passion for ministry and for music have been with me from an early age. When I am doing either or both, there is no pretending going on, the real me is flowing. I believe the core of my being set me on this path, as the way Spirit wanted to express through me. “ – Charles Lee

Linking music with the message brings the message closer. One of the fun things people love about Charles is his ability to bring Motown into his talks. He will sing a Motown classic and people will wonder how the song fits with the principles put forward in his talk. Before the conclusion of the message, Charles will show how it all fits together, and it does.
Though he is known primarily for Motown hits and standards, Charles also has a repertoire of spiritual songs including his own original compositions. 

Whether he is singing an original like “We Are the Christ” or covering Barbara Streisand’s “On Holy Ground”, the congregation will be moved and inspired by the passion in his voice and the joyful energy of his spirit.

“Charles Lee is the consummate professional. He can be relied on to deliver uplifting, meaningful music - most often with a rollicking beat. Whether you desire popular, rock or blues pieces or soul-expanding spiritual solos, Charles is your man. Even creating heartfelt original songs is part of his skill set. Let us not forget the dance moves that often accompany his music - oh my, get ready!”
- Kate McCutchan, Musical Director, Unity of Harrisburg.

“Charles Lee will wake you up! His exuberance and passion for singing will get your toes tapping, your hands clapping and bring a smile to your face. Seeped in his old Motown roots, he'll make you want to get up and dance. His beautiful voice expresses a life full of sincerity and resilience. There is truth in all that he shares whether singing a lively song, a gentle ballad or sharing experiences from his life. Charles is honest and authentic in the words he speaks. He will bring to life the validity in your own journey as he encourages you to walk and continue on your path with confidence and love. Your hearts and spirits will be lifted by the joy of Charles Lee.” 
– Anthony Young, Music Director, Unity of Lehigh Valley

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It's a New Day

God Has Made A Difference

Wait On the Lord

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Q&A with Charles Lee on Music and Spirituality

Q: What was it that led to your personal "Epiphany" for essentially fusing your musical passion with your spiritual ministry? 

A: Birth! {laughs}
As far back as I can remember I have had a passion for singing. As a small child, I would watch "American Bandstand" and relate to the artists on the show. That was who I wanted to be. The calling for ministry came later, when I saw the swagger and charisma of the Preachers in the Pentecostal movement. They could hold you mesmerized for moments at a time as they talked about the "goodness of the Lord". The idea slowly developed as I grew my spirituality, that when you both entertain and teach simultaneously, you can command the audience’s attention. It brings me great joy to spread the love of spirit to an entire room. When I am singing, leading a workshop, or giving a talk, there is no pretending going on, the real ME is flowing. I believe at the core of my being that Spirit wanted to express this way through me and has set me on this path. It is an inner certainty I cannot put into words. 

Q: Why do you feel this musical/spiritual fusion is so effective in today's society? 
A: In our current spiritual climate, I think music is one of the only things people trust completely. The song you like is always the same and it is there for you no matter what. The idea of it disappointing you doesn't even enter your mind. Even if you cannot play the song at that moment, you can sing it, or hum it. It will never let you down. It is a close and intimate friend. This is exactly how Spirit is. Spirit is always there, not judging, always accessible. Music causes people to open. It puts them at ease and uplifts them. Couple that with an inspiring message and the listeners leave with something that is real to them. Something that touched them intimately, as opposed to just a lecture.

Q: Can you share one personal experience on how the sheer power of music spirituality healed yourself or someone that you might know?
A: No!! Music, in itself, does not heal. That is a Hallmark Hollywood notion. It takes hard work to heal. Music can certainly inspire a person to want to heal and facilitate that healing. I can give you instances where music helped to ease suffering for a time. I can tell you stories of singing in nursing homes when someone comes up to me afterwards with tears in their eyes and says "Thank you so much for the music. For a time, you took me back to a day when I was young and reckless." Or "I was feeling so down today but you really picked me up". 

There was this one time a few years ago, at this one facility I sing at on a regular basis. One of my regular fans had developed a terminal illness. She was not able to make it to the show. Afterwards I went into her room, she lay there quietly seeming out to the world. After sitting there for a few moments, I felt led to take her hand. She did not respond outwardly but I was really feeling lead so I went on. I leaned over and whispered to her how happy I was that she was a loyal fan. And I sang in her ear.
There have been songs over the years that have seemed to touch on a tender spot inside of me. They just seemed to move me very deeply. I understand now that those songs were bringing up feelings from my childhood. The Universe was using music to facilitate my healing, music, the language it knows I understand.

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